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Nelson Leeroy

Music Producer / Songwriter
Dj / Singer / Keyboardist
Multi-Platinum Audio Engineer

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Nelson Leeroy French Vegan ArtistNelson Leeroy  – BIOGRAPHY

Music Producer / Songwriter / Dj / Singer / Keyboardist
Multi-Platinum Audio Engineer

Hailing from the south of France to an Egyptian mother and African-American father, Nelson Leeroy has an astonishing vocal range. Although his voice is a deep bass (much lower than Barry White who was barytone-bass), he can also reach higher pitches (head voice) reminiscent of his idol Marvin Gaye. This impressive vocal range only adds to the appeal his music holds for female fans.

At the age of 14, Nelson started teaching himself piano, and at 16 he enrolled at the Marseille National Conservatory of Music, where he studied opera, music notation, harmony, counterpoint and music history. Nicknamed the early, his compositions was often sung in class long before he graduated. At 18 he began performing on stage as a vocalistpianist, and DJ, entertaining crowds with the classics of soul, funk, and R&B that had marked his childhood. In a continuing quest for knowledge, he frequented recording studios, learning the trade of sound engineer/producer and developing his skills as a songwriter and performer.

Nelson then founded Soul Spirit, a recording studio and school of sound that quickly became a standard-setter in Marseille, the city of his birth. This allowed him to reach a new level of industry recognition and “join the club” of multi-platinum audio engineers working with high-profile artistsIn 2013 Nelson decided to provide fewer business services in order to concentrate on his recording artist career, delivering a message about spiritualityveganismecology, love, and sensuality…

Nelson has worked  with the following artists & Individuals:

Leee John (Imagination), Philip Bailey (Earth Wind & Fire), Wycleff Jean, Hot Stuff (My Love Is Right), Sat, Le Rat Luciano (Fonky Family), Heavenly, Houcine Camara (Star Ac’ 2), Laurent Paganelli (Canal +), Robert Pires, Neo Latino, Kristin Marion, Jean-Jacques Lafon, Soprano, Elio, Lea Castel, Diam’s, Melissa M, Kenza Farah, El Matador, Black Marché, Keny Arkana, La Swija, Ado Fm, Psy4 De La Rime, Eric Abidal, Steve Mandanda, Amanda Lear, Nathalie Simon, Bruno Cali & Baster, Akhenaton, Jean-Michel Bernard (Ray Charles), Claude Brasseur, François Berleand, Patrick Chesnais, Arnaud Selignac, Alexis Dante, Jean Marc Sicky, Les Prêtres, Sean Hosein, James Guttridge, Henri Quinson, Bruno Spire, Rolland Courbis, Patrick Bosso, Stephen Fry (Bbc), Jeff Domenech, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Valerie Begue, Emily Lady, Jeff Lindsay (Dexter), Barbara Hendricks, Love Derwinger, Wes Anderson, Jason Schwartzman, Roman Coppola, Mani Hesam, Mila Lights

And The Following Companies :

Nelson Leeroy Major Label Records and Companies clients
Nelson Leeroy Console Harrison Recording Studio

He received the following awards :

Diamond Record

Les Prêtres – Spiritus Dei

x3 Platinum Record

Soprano – La Colombe et le Corbeau

Gold DVD Record

Soprano – Psychanalyse après l’album

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